The Sweetest Thing

It's a life vets life
It’s a Vet’s Life
31st October 2016
Must be love
Must Be Love
1st November 2016

The Sweetest Thing

Arrow  |  Published 10th November 2011  |  400 Pages  |  129mm x 198mm x 25mm  |  282g

The third novel in Cathy Woodman’s hugely popular Talyton St George series.

After a messy divorce, Jennie Copeland is determined to live life on her own terms, and so she moves herself and her three children into the home of her dreams, a tumbledown Devon longhouse on the outskirts of Talyton St George, where she intends to set up her own cake-baking business. Soon, she has orders for wedding and birthday cakes, and her cupcakes sell out at the Saturday market.


Although it sounds idyllic, Jennie can’t help wondering whether neighbouring farmer, the gorgeous Guy Barnes was right when he predicted she wouldn’t last the year. But she’s determined to stick it out, if only just to prove him wrong.

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