Springtime at Cherry Tree Cottage

Vets on Call
Vets on Call
31st October 2016

Springtime at Cherry Tree Cottage

Arrow  |  Published 24th March 2016  |  416 Pages  |  129mm x 198mm x 26mm  |  287g

The tenth book in the popular Talyton St George series…

After years of training, horse-mad Flick has finally achieved her dream of becoming one of the few female blacksmiths in the country.

Her first job is in Talyton St George. The little cottage on the green where she is staying is idyllic, and it feels like the fresh start she needs. But she soon finds she is having to work overtime to prove her abilities to the not-so-welcoming locals.

One person very much on her side though is Robbie Salterton. He’s a bit of a local celebrity – a handsome stunt rider who does charity work in his spare time – and he seems to be going out of his way to look out for Flick. But is he just being friendly or does he see Flick as something more?

Despite swearing off men, Flick can’t help wanting to find out . . .

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