Must Be Love

The Sweetest Thing
The Sweetest Thing
31st October 2016
Trust me I'm a Vet
Trust Me, I’m a Vet
1st November 2016

Must Be Love

Arrow  |  Published 14th October 2010  |  432 Pages  |  129mm x 198mm x 27mm  |  297g

The second novel in Cathy Woodman’s hugely popular Talyton St George series.

It must be love. What other reason could there be for city vet Maz’s contentment with her new country life? The vet’s practice where she’s a partner with her best friend Emma is thriving, and so is her relationship with the gorgeous Alex Fox-Gifford.

But then circumstances force Emma to take a break from the practice, and Maz’s life suddenly spirals out of control. What with working all hours trying to keep things going, fending off insults from Alex’s parents, keeping one eye on the lusty locum – who’s causing havoc amongst the village girls – and dealing with Emma’s precarious mental state, it won’t take much to upset the apple cart. So when she gets some unwelcome news, only time will tell whether Maz and Alex’s love can withstand the fallout.

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